Ideas, Names and Brands

I am a dreamer. And an idea machine. Ideas flow through me in abundance and follow me wherever I go. For those who have developed their imagination, the world is full of possibilities and opportunities. Ideas are in the air. I also believe I’m good at names and brands, which has led me to invest in buying domains that could be great brand names. Have been renewing these domains for years. Now it’s time to put them to work.

Since I figured I could not possibly make all my ideas happen on my own (there are literally hundreds of them), I am breaking a silence of more than 3 years on my personal blog to write a classic post. The intention is to find people who are passionate about these ideas and build teams around these projects in order to bring them to life and possibly build real startups and companies.

If you’re a smart, driven entrepreneur (or a team of entrepreneurs) looking for a cool idea, or a skilled professional looking to contribute your talents to a worthy project, get in touch and let’s see if we can build some cool products and startups.

Clarification: I don’t intend to be a part of the executive team. My role, at best, would be that of a connector of people and ideas. In some cases, I could be involved in the initial stages of ideation and conceptualization, or in an advisory role.

Also welcome are startups and established companies to take forward any of these ideas on their own in exchange for equity or cash.

Note: I can also help in naming/branding – but only in some select special cases.

So without delay, let me dive into these 20 ideas which I would like to share with you. Followed by the (domain) name of the idea, there may be a brief statement explaining the value proposition. I have deliberately kept it as brief as possible. The right people will know what to make of it. All the domains are .coms:

1. Hotelizer (also, Hotelizr) : all that you need to get “hotelized”.

2. KeySocial, KeyPremium : grouped together because of the word “Key”.
KeySocial: the key to your social life (Facebook is not everything)
KeyPremium: your key to anything premium

3. EasyVie, WikiVie, InteliVie, VieSocial : grouped together because of the word “Vie” (“life” in French). English translations of these names: Easy Life, Wiki Life, Intelligent Life, Social Life. Go figure!

4. VidaON, InteliVida : grouped together because of the word “Vida” (“life” in Spanish).
VidaON : Life ON
InteliVida (also IntelliVida) : Intelligent Life

5. LostInVideo : a video site. When was the last time you got “lost in video”? I love it!

6. Codidas : what Adidas is for sport, Codidas is for code.

7. UserSignals : heard of 37Signals?

8. DateClubHub : not just another dating site. A new hub for dating where you can create your own “club” or join existing “clubs”.

9. WooShip, LearnCruise : grouped together because both these ideas are related to the seas. WooShip would be a great brand for a romantic cruise-liner while LearnCruise would be a great name for a site aggregating cruises offering learning experiences.

10. PaddleCourt : Paddle tennis has been described as “mini tennis”. Although I play tennis as well, I find paddle more entertaining and more social. One of my 2 favorite sports (the other one is cricket).

11. ChocoMuse : Choco Museum (or “Amuse yourself with chocolate”)

12. NamesAndBrands, BananaBrands, GameOfBranding : grouped together because of the words “brands” and “branding”.

Of course I have many more ideas. This is just a neat sample.

I’ve heard the world needs to create more jobs. In other words, the world needs more ambitious entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas. But the truth is, it’s not the idea, it’s never the idea, it’s always what you do with it.

So let’s get busy in making (our brilliant) ideas happen!

Disclaimer: All these ideas are a product of my own imagination. Haven’t seen or heard any of these ideas in an iWeekend or any other event.

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