Web 2.0 Entrepreneur

My last post made me wonder what a true innovator/entrepreneur/visionary is made of. I came across this post in Spanish by José Antonio del Moral who reflects on what characteristics distinguish a web 2.0 entrepreneur. Here are the main points:

1. He* is a fanatical believer in his idea — either that or the project won’t take off because the obstacles are just too numerous.

2. Is stingy (financially ungenerous or tight) — there’s no quick buck on the internet. You should get by on a tight budget in the initial phase and once the product proves itself, you should invest to expand.

3. Is optimistic and innocent at the same time — there’s something religious about the web 2.0. Either you have the faith or you don’t!

4. Is able to function in chaos — there’s a lot to be done with too few resources, and you should be organized enough to make sense of the disorganization.

5. Is collaborative — one person cannot do everything. You should be open to collaboration with other companies, professionals and even the competition in order to create value.

6. Is ambitious — there’s a very competitive world out there that works day and night. To win, you must move quickly. The word ‘ambition’ doesn’t go very well here in Spain, but without it you won’t get far!

7. Is multicultural and multimedia — the web 2.0 is global. You should be able to communicate in a universal language, and see the internet as a universal medium that can be used in many different ways.

8. Is viral — you must have a good understanding of viral and word-of-mouth marketing, not only because you have fewer resources to market your product but also to generate more links and stories.

9. Is focused — there’s so much going on on the web that it’s easy to get distracted. You should be able to distance yourself from the world and concentrate on your project.

*If only defeating sexism were as simple as throwing in an occasional he/she, she, her, or hers. I use the masculine pronouns merely as a shortcut. Successful entrepreneurship is blind to gender. Don’t look for sexism where none exists.

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