Never Too Late

Just came across an interesting post on Javier Martín says: “Aún puedes cambiar la vida de la gente” (You’re still on time to change peoples’ lives). I think it’s never too late to start something you are passionate about. We’re living in a world that never stops working and constantly keeps innovating. New products, improved products, new discoveries, new innovations… the cycle never stops. This reminds me of a rumored quote by the commissioner of the US Patent Office in 1899: “Everything that can be invented has been invented.” (i can see you giggling!!)

Looking at the evolution of the human race, it’s evident that the pace of progress is becoming ever faster. More progress was made in the industrial revolution than in the preceding 1500 years. Still more was achieved in the 19th century. The advances of the 20th century dwarfed all the progress made in the preceding 2000 years. And the progress in the last 10 years since the arrival of the internet has left our world unrecognizable. What’s next?

The other day, this post on TechCrunch concluded with these words: It’s a good thing I guess that no one is slowing down long enough to really think too hard about how quickly the online world is evolving. Instead, they’re experimenting wildly.

All this innovative entrepreneurial activity is bound to generate the next big thing. The next revolution is being worked at right now by some company or by some startup team somewhere in the world, perhaps without realizing it. Who are these people? More importantly, what are the characteristics of these innovators/true entrepreneurs/visionaries? One thing of which I’m certain is this: their motivation is to create value, to solve a problem, to contribute to make life better in some way. And their biggest satisfaction is to see their work take a life of its own. There’s a certain nobility about this. It’s not about money or fame or even recognition. It’s about self realization — the ultimate goal of our life on Earth.

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