I Have A Dream…

Today is my 31st birthday!
And my birthday gift to myself is… this blog!!

What am i going to write about?
Why did i suddenly decide to start blogging?
Just because it’s ‘cool’ to do it?
Because everyone’s doing it?

I have 3 reasons to start blogging:

1. To organize my thoughts and to keep myself motivated to achieve my goal
2. To share with the world my unique experience
3. To make myself known to the people who will help me get where i want to go

I dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur. I dream of inventing a successful product or service that provides real value and solves real pain. I dream of making my contribution to the society. As they say in Spanish, aportar mi grano de arena (contribute my grain of sand)…

The purpose of writing this blog is to challenge myself publicly to achieve my goal before my 32nd birthday. My goal is to introduce my ‘brainchild’ to the world. In other words, introduce to the market the first version of my product/service within the next 12 months. The product: my brand of a social network for the Spanish market.

What resources and competencies do i have to achieve this monumental task? I don’t have money — i intend to raise money to fund the project. I don’t have the team yet — i have just started building the contacts. I do have some time on my hands… i am not going to work for a few months and will be dedicating myself exclusively to this project.

As for competencies, I am not an engineer or a technical geek or an MBA — just an above-average user of the internet. I do know my stuff though — i’m passionate about the social networking industry. I’ve spotted an opportunity and feel the pain, and am dying to resolve the pain. I want this product for my own use and can’t find it. I want to build this thing because i want this thing. I am my own customer!

I have a dream and a vision, am passionate about it and am willing to do all that it takes to go from conception to reality. In the next few months, i will be building the support system that will help me implement the project and get it funded. Along the way, i will also help answer the question — can someone equipped with an idea, passion and will (and without any money) make it on the internet??

I don’t know if i will succeed or fail but i will be sharing the journey with you. I have 365 days to achieve the goal. During this time, I will be writing about entrepreneurship, startups, internet and technology, social networking and the investment scene in Spain. It promises to be a great learning experience. And the journey begins… 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1… Now!

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